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Colònia de Sant Pere is one of the few left genuine seaside villages where to enjoy the calm island…

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About Colònia de Sant Pere

Colónia de Sant Pere is the second population center of Artà. It was established on the coast, in a geographical area with a strong personality, is well characterized by the cliffs of the artanense mountains, delimiting a narrow strip of land washed by the mediterranean waters of the bay of Alcudia, between the torrent of Na Borges and Cape Ferrutx.

On this coast, in addition to the people of Colònia where concentrates the majority of the population (abaut 600 habitants), the are also two residential locations: Estanyol and Betlem. Together, during the summer, offering a capacity to accommodate no more than 2,500 people, which shows that it is still one of the less saturated places on the coast of Mallorca.

There are few tourist accommodations and all are small, as most holiday visitors live in houses, owned or rented. These features makes Colònia de Sant Pere a place very different from the typical crowded tourist areas and visitors are able to enjoy a very peaceful and quiet time even in midsummer.


There are many activities that can be done in Colònia de Sant Pere and nearby. Fishing, sailing, windsurfing, diving, golf, horse riding, walking or cycling are some of the activies available.

Of course, relax and watching wonderful sunsets are also highly recommended activities…


The island of Mallorca is an ideal tourist destination where you can play golf 365 days a year. With an ideal environment with more than 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 17ºC, you can enjoy the sport of golf on the more than 20 golf courses in Mallorca. The are few 18 hole courses and one 9 hole course nearby Colònia de Sant Pere. More information available at the following golf club locations: Golf Capdepera, Golf Canyamel, Golf Son Servera and Golf Alcanada.

Walking and hiking

Spending all your time lying on the beach is a thing of the past! Mallorca has long been a dream destination for many outdoor activities. Hiking in Mallorca has many uses: with the mild climate of the Balearic Islands you can disconnect while participating in the wonderful tours, in different styles and with different levels of difficulty. The surrounding area of Colònia de Sant Pere is great for walkers as it offers many different walks deep into the mountains or following many kilometers of sealine. 

Mallorca, cyclists paradise

In Mallorca, bike routes have become one of the most important attractions on the island. These routes in Mallorca have gained popularity thanks to the tranquility of its roads outside the holiday season and thanks to the contrasts in terms of landscapes that this paradise offers.

Sailing and water sports

There is nothing more beautiful than gliding over the water on a sailboat and feeling the wind in your face. The marina located in Colònia de Sant Pere offers a variety of water sports. Sailing, diving or recreational trips are available for visitors. More information at Club Nautico Colonia de Sant Pere.

Horse riding

Several paddocks with equestrian-related activities are located a few miles from Colònia de Sant Pere. Organized excursions, group or family outings are some of the activities organized.

Eating out

There are some excelent restaurants in Colònia de Sant Pere where you can taste delicious dishes while watching a sunset. Some of the best restaurants on the island are located in the area of Colònia de Sant Pere and nearby. The variety of malloquinish gastronomy made out of top quality local products make this a real experience.


Some of the best beaches on the island can be found in this area. Colònia de Sant Pere does have its own family beach and there are plenty of beaches to explore a short driving distance or even at walking distance. More information on beaches location and characteristics at Beaches.

Local markets

Markets are characteristic of the peoples of mallorca. There you can find high quality local products, meet, fish or fresh fruit. Every day there is a market in a near by village. Colònia de Sant Pere has its own small market on saturdays.

Colònia de Sant Pere History

The origin of the village of Colònia de Sant Pere is in the Agricultural and Rural Settlements Law of 1868, enacted to encourage the cultivation of new land in a time when population growth threatens to exceed production subsistence.

The brothers Homar, natural from Alaró and owners of The Devesa, founded Colonia de San Pedro in 1880 taking advantage of the benefits of this law. Throughout the years 1881 and 1883 and during the nineties, many people applied as residents, attracted by the tax benefits involved. Some came from the same Artà and other from Felanitx, Llubí, Sant Llorenç, Capdepera, Santanyi, Lloseta and Manacor. In 1883 was already settled as an area of 270 hectares, 53 houses and 66 families registered, of which 41 were living permanently in Colonia. From this time growth fell considerably until the late 60s, with the tourist boom.

The resident population fell between 1940 and 1970 and went from 248 to 172 people. In 1950 there were 68 gruped buildings and 28 scattered. In 1960 there were 75 clustered building and 41 scattered.

January 1976: the whale

On January 15th, 1976, a large whale crashed into the groyne of the small port of Colònia de Sant Pere. The event attracted hundreds of neighbors and onlookers. This is the video of the event of those days.

Read Bellpuig article regarding the whale in Colònia de Sant Pere, 1976, March, num. 3Bellpuig_1976_mes03_n0003

Colònia de Sant Pere today

The village of Colònia de Sant Pere today is a core of about 500 residential buildings, houses the majority of a single plant or two with a fixed population of 600 habitants aprox., which increases significantly on weekends and especially during the summer months.

A pedestrian walkway, shaded by tamarisk trees and from which you can access the beach borders the hole sea frontside of the village. Passeig del Mar reformed in 1999, has a length of about one kilometer, and there are benches to sit and several bars and restaurants with terraces.

The beach within the village, is located on the creek of Ca les Llisses. It is an artificial beach, about 100 meters long and 25 meters wide, sheltered from the tramontana wind by pitfall.


There are two main events at Colònia de Sant Pere every year.

Sant Antoni Bonfires

Sant Antoni: Bonfires and dancing Dimonis (Demons) every January at Colònia de Sant Pere. The first weekend after San Antonio (January 17th) a spectacular popular festival takes place in Colònia de Sant Pere. The bonfires of San Antonio are lit throughout the town. Neighbors dine around grilling Mallorcan pork products. Sobrasada, pork loin, pork belly. You can also taste the typical desserts of the island: the Mallorcan Ensaimada. The demons dance by the bonfires in search of their eternal enemy: San Antonio.

Festes de Sant Pere, popular town festival

June 29th is San Pedro day (Sant Pere), and the popular festival of Còlonia de Sant Pere is celebrated. During 4 days various activities are held such as dances, popular dinners, food markets and others..

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