Caló dels Ermitans detailed description

Caló dels Ermitans Beach also known as S’Arenalet de Son Colom, S’Arenalet dels Ermitans.

Caleta dels Ermitans Beach, Caló dels Ermitans Beach, s’Arenalet de Son Colom or dels Ermitans is situated at 1,5 kilometres from Colònia de Sant Pere, between Caló des Corb Marí and Punta de Cas Taverner, as well as below the Ermita de Betlem (located at 300 metres above the sea level), sa Coassa (321 metres high) and Puig de sa Murta (214 metres high). All this belongs to the Àrea Natural d’Especial Interès Muntanyes d’Artà.

The piece of coast between sa Cugassa and sa Macada de sa Torre (Caló des Corb Marí, Caleta dels Ermitans, Punta de Taverner, n’Olivarda, Cala s’Estret and Punta de sa Torre or de s’Eriçó) is characterized by the particular shape and the absence of vegetation (only rock). These flat areas along the coastline were once covered by vineyards not so long ago.

A round headland, the result of the erosion of wind and sea forms the very small Caleta dels Ermitans, used in the past by the hermits of Betlem.

This beach is located between the village of Betlem and Colònia de Sant Pere. In a forest nearby, which you can reach walking on the trail which is parallel to the coast and passing the possessió (rural finca) Son Mascaró toward west, you will find the prehistoric Talaiots de Can Pa amb Oli (“bread with oil” is a typical majorcan dish made of a piece of bread with tomato on in and a bit of olive oil).

Caló dels Ermitans Beach location

Main technical data


Lenght of the beach

20 meters

Access for disabled people

Yes  No

Type of access

Pedestrians    Vehicles

Degree of occupancy

High   Medium    Low


Average width

15 meters

Anchoring zone

Yes  No

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