Colònia de Sant Pere Beach detailed description

Colònia de Sant Pere Beach is situated in Colònia village, at 10 kilometres from Artà and belongs to Alcúdia bay. It is the only tourist area between Can Picafort and Capdepera, although the residential character is more important than the mass tourism, and the oldest one of the area (1880), which used to have an agricultural activity.

This quiet beach begins next to the shelter of the breakwater of Club Nàutic Colònia de Sant Pere. The fine-grained golden sand has an arch-shaped extension of nearly two hectometres. The cove is closed by a modern promenade and banks in the shade of the tamarisks, with some terraces. Walking on this promenade you can reach the nearby Caló des Parral, with coarse-grained dark sand, crystal clear water and where Torrent de sa Font des Parral flows into the sea.

The navigator who wants to anchor here is recommended not to do this manoeuvre next to the Club Nàutic Colònia de Sant Pere, because the ground is rocky with some seaweed, and he is not recommended to enter the port if the wind blows from the first and fourth quadrant or with storm because the infrastructure will be closed.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The private car can be left on a free parking area next to the beach.

Colònia de Sant Pere Beach location

Main technical data


Lenght of the beach

70 meters

Access for disabled people

Yes   No

Type of access

For pedestrians    For boats

Degree of occupancy

High    Medium   Low


Average width

20 meters

Anchoring zone

Yes   No

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