Son Serra de Marina Beach detailed description

Son Serra de Marina Beach is close to Colònia de Sant Pere and situated at 11 kilometres from Can Picafort. The beach, the marina and a village have the same name. In the residential area there is a round defence tower with a beautiful panoramic view over Cap de Farrutx (Artà) until Alcudia.

It is said that in this village there was a clause in the tenancy agreements, in the seventies of the 20th century, that said that men and women were not allowed to swim together. If this was broken, you had to pay 50 masses in the oratory of the finca. Nowadays nudism is allowed.

This sandy area is coarse-grained and greyish. The sand of the coastline is covered by posidonia rests. On the right side there is the mouth of Torrent de na Borges, natural border between the municipalities of Artà and Santa Margalida, and also between this beach and the nearby Sa Canova. On the left side you will see the port facilities of Club Nàutic Serra Nova.

The extensive coast is sandy and rocky, quite low and not very deep, so that the navigators are recommended not to approach too much to avoid running aground. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs until a free parking area at a few metres from this quiet beach.

These characteristics explain that the beach is not too crowded by local visitors and tourists.

Son Serra de Marina Beach location


Main technical data


Lenght of the beach

450 meters

Access for disabled people

Yes   No

Type of access

Pedestrians    Vehicles    Boats

Degree of occupancy

High    Medium   Low


Average width

130 meters

Anchoring zone

Yes   No

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